49+ Marvelous Functional Small House with Full Facilities

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Having a small house doesn’t mean it’s so narrow that we couldn’t put the things we need in it. This house will show us that maximizing a limited space and making it functional is not impossible. The tiny size is no longer a problem and you can see all the functions of the house—kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom, dining room. For the details, take a look at the pictures.

Rear Facade
This house has a large backyard. The layout is interesting, as well as it’s efficient. There are grass, planted trees, and rocks. This is an ordinary one floor house, but wait until you see what is inside, you will be amazed!

Side Hallway
A house with a small garden on the side and a hallway like this one is rare. When this structure is built in the right portion, it will bring a lot of benefit to the house. The roof are installed so it wouldn’t be as hot when the sun is blazing. The greenery makes a cool and fresh view of this small garden.

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Barbara Lisa