16+ Creative & Easy to Try DIY Polymer Clay Cake Design Ideas

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With all the fun of a birthday party, kids can now get to make a custom clay cake at home. This creative DIY polymer clay cake design ideas allows kids to get involved with a craft that is super easy to do, but still has a lot of fun. Kids will love making a colorful and beautiful cake with no baking skills needed. A simple set of tools (a roll of plastic wrap, a small bowl, and a pair of scissors) are all that is needed to create these fun cakes. Kids can even let their creativity run wild with this DIY clay cake idea and make anything they can dream up. The possibilities are endless with this fun activity!

cake design ideas

So many of my friends love to bake, but they have no idea how to make their cakes look even slightly like something that a professional could even attempt to copy. Here are some creative and easy to try ideas for cake designs. Some of them are a little more expensive, but they are also a little more time consuming, so you may want to choose one for yourself.

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unicorn little cake design ideas

The unicorn cake has been a big seller at weddings and other celebrations for years. The cake, which looks like a piece of colorful marshmallow cake, has a face on it, usually made of edible fondant. It’s very popular because of the design. There are many different kinds of unicorn cakes, from small ones to those that look like the famous candy.

Wilton Master Cake Decorating

What if you want to learn how to make a cake for your birthday party or just to impress your family? A great place to start is with the Wilton Master Cake Decorating course. This online program allows you to access everything from recipes to cake decorating techniques, all in one convenient place. You’ll also find tips and tricks to make your cake-decorating experience more enjoyable and successful.

keychain clay cake design ideas

Keychain Clay Cake Design Ideas – A new trend has been developing over the past couple of years. It’s called keychain clay cake design. What is a keychain cake? It is a cake baked into the shape of a keychain, usually with a hole in the middle to allow the key to be inserted. The idea is that when you bake a cake that looks like a key, it will make a great gift for your friend who always loses his keys.

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